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Revolutionizing Dietary Supplement Carton Design: A Packaging Success Story

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This success story stands as a testament to IPB' commitment to innovation and our team's extensive experience in the packaging industry. By seamlessly marrying cutting-edge design with practical production know-how, we not only solved our customer's immediate challenges but also provided a long-term solution that elevated their brand and operations to new heights.


Our expert team, composed of creative CAD designers and a seasoned production team, immediately sprang into action. Frenchie, our brilliant Head Gluer envisioned a novel carton design that featured an ingenious folding mechanism, ensuring a tight, reliable closure every time.


The result was a game-changer: The client’s folding cartons now closed securely, and production speed increased by a remarkable 40%, leading to significant cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Our client had been facing persistent issues with their existing carton design, struggling with secure closures and inefficiencies in their production process.

The Challenge

At International PaperBox we thrive on delivering packaging solutions that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations. Our latest triumph involved revolutionizing a folding carton design for a leading producer and packager of dietary supplements. Known for our innovative spirit and a team rich in experience, we were well-equipped to tackle the challenge.


sustainable packaging solutions with International PaperBox
Sustainable Packaging Solutions with International PaperBox
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